Author: Parveen Kumar

6 Design Elements That Improve The User Experience (UX)

The UX ( User Experience ) is a pillar of the design that is often overlooked. Beginner bloggers tend to worry about increasing their blog visits and forget about design. However, the design of a website influences the degree of satisfaction of visitors, coming to have weight in SEO rankings. This means that certain blog design elements work best alongside content to attract […]

7 Tips to Improve Image SEO

Not optimizing the images that are uploaded to blogs and web pages is a widespread SEO error. Most users download the stock images, upload them to WordPress or any other text editor and publish them. Without the right optimization, images can ballast SEO and ruin the loading speed of a page. Improve user experience, increase loading speed and […]

How to Create TikTok Ads : 4 Easy Steps

Tiktok has been one of the big surprises of recent years. The social network is increasingly important, since September 2018, being the most downloaded app every month, surpassing Facebook and Instagram, and brands begin to pay for promotional content. Likewise, they also invest in their newly created self-paid advertising platform. TikTok advertising offers great opportunities to companies […]

15 Things That Companies Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

Social networks have great potential for brands. Thanks to them, you can achieve visibility, build trust and even increase sales. However, care must be taken, since an error can cause severe problems and generate a crisis 2.0 to which you can not react. Ignoring trends, not answering followers, not having an action plan or not knowing […]

How to Limit the App Usage With Android Focus Mode

Google has included  new function “Focus Mode”  in the devices with Android 9 or Android Q, which allows users to block applications to limit the time spent within them and thus avoid a possible addiction or spend more time than account. This function will also reach the new version of the operating system , Android 10, which is still […]

8 Practical Steps to Improve Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is all those visits made by users to a website or mobile application from the search engine results page. This metric, therefore, serves to measure users who arrive directly from Google or from any other search engine. Review the content, do a keyword search and be consistent, the best ways to achieve organic traffic. When starting […]

25 Best Free and Premium WordPress Themes in 2019

Choosing which of the WordPress themes is right for your online project can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Among so many options of WordPress themes, choosing a theme from one of the WordPress themes platforms can become a frustrating, exhausting and lengthy process. (more than desired …) And think for a moment, a bad […]

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