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FAQ Schema – What it is, How To Create, How To Use

2019 was another busy year in the SEO world. Regarding the CTR Google in September announced that the rating stars, the typical rich snippets that had many articles and pages were not going to appear as much (only in some cases). This was undoubtedly bad news, but on the other hand, we had a perfect one. Google launched the Schema […]

9 Marketing Tools You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2020

Almost daily new tools and applications for marketing appear. These types of applications are perfect for planning and strategies and help users and companies in the launch of products and services. WordPress, Hubspot or Buffer are some essential tools for marketing professionals Thanks to these applications and tools, the user can create blogs and pages, mailing […]

6 Design Elements That Improve The User Experience (UX)

The UX ( User Experience ) is a pillar of the design that is often overlooked. Beginner bloggers tend to worry about increasing their blog visits and forget about design. However, the design of a website influences the degree of satisfaction of visitors, coming to have weight in SEO rankings. This means that certain blog design elements work best alongside content to attract […]

7 Tips to Improve Image SEO

Not optimizing the images that are uploaded to blogs and web pages is a widespread SEO error. Most users download the stock images, upload them to WordPress or any other text editor and publish them. Without the right optimization, images can ballast SEO and ruin the loading speed of a page. Improve user experience, increase loading speed and […]

8 Practical Steps to Improve Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is all those visits made by users to a website or mobile application from the search engine results page. This metric, therefore, serves to measure users who arrive directly from Google or from any other search engine. Review the content, do a keyword search and be consistent, the best ways to achieve organic traffic. When starting […]

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