How to Change the WP admin URL in WordPress


How to change the URL to access wp-admin in WordPress with a plugin?

Many times we see how we are continually attacked by bots that do nothing but send us spam in comments without knowing very well the reason why we are attacked.

Do not worry; it is normal when using a CMS or content manager such as WordPress; usually, bots are trying to attack the platform globally. Hence the importance of having the WordPress, the template and the updated plugins. To prevent our WordPress from being hacked.

One of the first we must do to avoid being hacked is to change the default access to WordPress. That’s what today’s post is about. With this simple advice, you will prevent much of these attacks. But we go into parts.

Why change the wp-admin access of my WordPress?

It was a topic that worried me a lot since if they got that access, they could hack my website and scrap all the work I had done, which was not something I could leave lightly.

This undue access by automated bots meant two things:

  1. Something was doing well. If there are such attacks on a web page, it is that the portal was beginning to be accessible on the internet, which is always excellent.
  2. My website was vulnerable to attacks. The continuous offence by bots to my website meant that this was vulnerable and therefore attacked. With secure sites, they don’t even try.

Faced with this situation of insecurity, I opted for the most radical solution, making it difficult to access my WordPress wp-admin.

In this way, I don’t know if I would eliminate these attacks, but I would reduce them drastically.

Changing the access URL to wp-admin with WPS Hide Login

I am not very much in favour of installing plugins in WordPress that solve small bugs since the more plugins are overloaded with a worse WordPress.

However, this time to modify the URL of the WordPress admin, I opted for this fast and straightforward solution since I did not feel like touching my WordPress code.

This was not the only reason. With the WPS Hide Login plugin this process took me 2 minutes, I forgot code, and on top of that, the impact of the plugin was minimal since it barely slows down WordPress.

WPS Hide Login plugin

That said, we will see how to carry out the process of changing URL step by step.

  1. We install the WPS Hide Login plugin and activate it.
  2. Once installed in the WordPress panel, we go to Settings> General. Within this section just below the WPS Hide Login section will appear (as long as we have installed and activated the plugin correctly).
  3. In this section, we will simply put the URL that will replace the current wp-admin
  4. We give it to save and go! URL wp-admin changed! The attacks are over!

change wp admin url

So, this is how you can change your WordPress admin login URL to prevent hacking attacks.
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